My Introduction!

By education, I am a management graduate. I have completed my master's in Marketing Management from one of the renowned institutes in Mumbai. I have worked with one of the biggest conglomerates in India as a Branding & Digital Marketing Expert. As of now, I am consulting brands on Digital Marketing as well as Branding aspects. I do conduct one or two Days workshops for businessmen and senior professionals.  

Out of curiosity, I started learning Astrology, and by now along with astrology, I have explored many healing modalities. I love to experiment with all new techniques that I learn and create joy in my and others' life. 

Well, according to my near and dear people; 'Digital Marketing + Astrology' is a lethal combination of one being technologically advanced and the other being trusting unseen, unknown superpowers! Interestingly, both fields hold the power to change our society. 

Personally, I aim to reduce the superstitions and wrong expectations about Astrology. This is a science and it has its own limitations and advantages too.

Keep reading my blogs and share your views about my perceptions and thoughts.

Awaiting your response!

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