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Finance and Astrolgy

Everyone is always concerned about their career (or business) – no matter how old he / she is. Off course everyone should be concerned about it – as our career is a source of income for everyone. I better don’t talk about the importance of vitamin ‘M’ in our life. To find a suitable career, one should conduct IQ test or psychometric test or something like this – what’s the logic behind checking the ‘STARS’? Rather, when someone wants to start a business – checking economical and business viability is enough – what’s the logic behind checking the ‘STARS’?

I do get such questions quiet often and I have one liner answer to such questions – it is better to swim in the direction of the current of water because water itself will help you to achieve your goals. We all know the results of swimming in the opposite direction of the water!

Your stars - horoscope’s guide you about favorable career / business – apparently even you as an individual would have liking for the same. For e.g. someone has favorable stars for being a renowned Doctor / Surgeon but to en-cash such opportunity one should get admission to a medical college. Needless to mention, after 12th is the right time to do so! Let’s look at another example – at several stages of career there comes a turning point where we need to decide in which industry we should move ahead. You get equally good offer from two good brands with equally good frills around it. Even in this case, if you take guidance from your ‘STARS’ – you can climb the ladder of success faster than others!

Friends, your horoscope can give you guidance but not the short cut! A horoscope defines that a child will gain name and fame by using sharp weapons and harming people with such weapons. Now, if such child is raised in good family becomes a Surgeon or Police / Indian Defense employee otherwise the same child can become a sharp shooter or chose more scary profession. Surgeon and Sharp Shooter – both professions use sharp weapons to harm people but the intentions are different.

That’s why I always recommend checking your horoscope before selecting a career path or even starting a new business. Flow with the current of water and achieve your goals faster.

Shubham Bhavatu!

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