Jupiter – Your Fortune

Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Pisces signs. It is one most the positive and powerful planet. Jupiter is preceptor of Gods and Lord of Sky. Jupiter is the giant planet in astrology. Jupiter is the ‘Guru’ of Gods. It is said, even if other planets are ill posited, if Jupiter is strong and well placed in a chart, he will enjoy the last minute assistance to tide over the difficult time. Jupiter is the planet of wisdom and knowledge, so professions require specific stream of knowledge belongs to Jupiter. Financial advisers, bankers, politicians, bureaucrats, lawyers, physicians, priests, judges, teachers, and astrologers all professionals are under influence of Jupiter.

This planet plays very important role for men and women both as this decides the situation / condition of marriage and post marriage life. As a human, no matter how much effort we take – we still need consider ‘Luck’ factor in every situation. This ‘Luck’ factor is based on the position of Jupiter in your horoscope.

An ill positioned Jupiter will make a person dishonest. It will make a person unhealthy and lack of respect in the society. Bad Jupiter will make the native careless, extravagant, lavish, debt-ridden, and disputed.

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