Mars - Your Courage

Mars rules Aries and Scorpio. Mars gives us courage – courage to fight against all odds or face every situation in life. This gives nerve to a call spade a spade. This planet makes a person fierce, ambitious, aggressive and short tempered too.

He is the governor of dispute and destruction. Mars controls ambition, desires, senses, and animal instinct in man. If Mars is strong, it gives tremendous self confidence, combat nature, muscular strength, organizing ability, ambition to be successful in every field. Afflicted Mars will make the native short tempered, and quarrelsome. Mars is also the chief governor for brothers and real estate. Being an action planet, Mars people do well in business or in profession if planet is rightly placed in the chart. Depending upon the placement of the Mars, these natives may be cruel, active, violent, angry and rash. Mars gives well built body.

Afflicted Mars could be a cause of accidents, wounds, burns, fractures, piles, liver problems, fevers, tumors, typhoid, cholera, pox and boils, etc. For example if you want to study the possibility of vehicle accident in the horoscope, look for the placement of Mars.

If you want to study the real estate, immovable properties such as house or lands look for Mars. If you want to study anything related to surgery or operations etc. look for Mars. Any question related to above discussed topics will be answered by Mars.

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